Apple has finally followed suit and is taking advertising into their own hands– now what does this actually mean?

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Apple has recently unveiled their newest products in a live event, but the new iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPod features are not what made our ears perk up… it was the fact that they are now going to be selling online advertising. This is something they have never embraced before.

We saw this coming when they released the new iOS update that stripped out most abilities to track and utilize apps for advertising. We also saw the iOS update coming two years ago when Tim Cook said that if big social didn’t make some privacy changes, Apple would take it into their own hands. This change has caused a loss of billions in revenue for companies that depend on ad sales, like Meta(Facebook), and also affected those who advertise on platforms like Facebook with their targeting offerings. Since the new iOS update with the App Tracking Transparency roll out, 94% of people have opted out of app tracking, making the granular data pool most marketing firms utilize dry up. Good thing this isn’t our strategy. So now that empty space will be filled up by ads placed by Apple within their own apps like Apple Maps (which of course is a direct increase for their revenue). 

Now back to what this means… right now Apple doesn’t have the ad real estate that Google and Facebook currently have. According to a study by Appsumer, Apple’s advertiser adoption rate increased by four points, while Google’s dropped by two points, and Facebook’s dropped by three in Q2. People are losing trust in “big tech” and realizing their marketing dollars are better served with different strategies outside direct spend with these giants.

According to the Financial Times, Apple is working on hiring efforts to double their current marketing staff to bolster this new initiative. Apple is currently stating that their ad business will be different from their competitors, that they won’t tailor ads to specific individuals, but experts believe that this will change when they do roll out their new marketing offerings (us as experts included). 

Apple is one of those big tech giants, we see them in the future utilizing SOME individualized targeting for their ad placement, otherwise it would be another shotgun marketing approach for their ad placement buyers, which is not effective enough in today’s clogged digital landscape. So one of two things is going to happen; they will have to go back on all of their user privacy importance statements and offer targeted options, or two they will just be another crowded ad space with ads that have no meaning for the end user. Either way this works to our advantage in regards to our strategy here at Specificity. We dial into who exactly our clients need to speak to depending on their product or service, and we do this all while keeping the end users’ privacy. It may sound great to place your ads with a giant like Apple, but it will still be a waste of your marketing dollars hitting all of the users that make no sense for your offerings.

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