The Brand Audience Universe

Your brand audience universe should consist of people that are in proximity to purchase based on when they will purchase. This audience is segmented into three distinct groups: Short term, mid-term, and long term purchase proximity. The consumers that fall outside of the purchase proximity simply don’t warrant ad spend yet, but as their situational dynamics change and the audience is updated in real time, they’ll be incorporated in this universe when it’s warranted.


Marketers all know that branding plays a role in long term revenue growth, but what they miss is that you don’t have to use shotgun approaches to accomplish this. Instead, a smarter way to brand is to focus brand messaging on audiences that will convert today, tomorrow, and in the near future. After all, who cares if someone renting an apartment knows you have the best roofing or HVAC product on the market?

For example, renters do not justify ad spend for a roofing company. Similarly, a company offering high-end outdoor kitchen buildouts will never benefit from ad spend directed at low-income households or people renting their home.


Identify consumer selects that make sense for your brand

Exclude consumers that will never be a fit for your brand

Real time updates to add new consumers based on life changes


Engage core audience with CTA's to buy now

Engage 2nd tier audience to provide the "why" and value props

Saturate 3rd tier audience to build brand awareness


Drive greater purchase frequency from brand loyal audience

Build presence for consumers that will convert today, tomorrow, and in the future

Funnel Full

Perfecting this knowledge and strategy with our help is easy. Watch your conversions soar as we target the right audience for you and market to the people who really count in your numbers. Don’t make a mistake and target the audiences that don’t matter; focus on the future and elevate your business from good to great.

Understand your position in the market and bring home new customers with our tried-and-true strategy.

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