Retail is competitive.

The act of convincing people to buy your product from you instead of using that money elsewhere is tricky business.

But what if you could target your competitor’s locations and attract their customers to your own business?

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Specificity’s method is all about hyper-specific marketing and segmentation. This approach not only identifies individuals who are actively seeking similar products, but also presents a valuable opportunity to enhance your revenue stream. The ability to provide consumers with stark contrast between you and your competition makes it clear to buyers why they should buy from you. We ensure that the audience you deliver messages to has a high intent to buy, which means higher conversion rates.

This is just one of the strategies we utilize to reach your desired audience. Our cutting-edge technology ensures unparalleled precision, allowing us to accurately define polygons as small as 3 feet by 3 feet. This level of accuracy sets us apart from conventional geofencing methods, which typically offer a radius of 0.8 miles. We understand the importance of avoiding neighboring businesses that do not align with your industry, and we have the capability to filter out that traffic.

Our technology allows us to suppress out unwanted people such as; employees, but the segmentation extends far beyond that.

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AdTech platforms and Big Social designed their targeting software to hit extremely broad audiences that could be used by the masses. Specificity builds audiences using only business dynamic to define the parameters.


At the end of each month, we provide analytics and a foot traffic attribution report to determine the exact location from which your customers were derived, allowing us to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. It is not only online visitation that we track, but also brick-and-mortar appearances at your physical store as well, showing you just how much we can help boost your conversion rate by appearing in front of the right customers.

Through our robust reports, we offer extensive tracking features that help evaluate the return on investment and measure the value generated by our marketing efforts. Based on precision, we offer the highest level of detail to understand whom we targeted, when they showed up, and what ROI was generated.

Targeting Comparison for a Rum Brand


Don't make a mistake and sign up for marketing that doesn't care about you and your business. Make sure to hit the target every time and compete with the big fish in the pond by marketing to the people who matter.

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