About Specificity

We’re not just better.
We’re different.

You’ll love everything about working with our team. We get excited because we’re really into what we do! And frankly, you will be too! We kick ass and we’re ready to start kicking ass for you!

How and Why We Were Born

The ground underneath the feet of digital marketers is shifting whether we like it or not. We can either accept it or suffer the results of not shifting with the times. You can no longer build smart audiences inside Adtech platforms and maintain an edge. Too many data selects have been removed due to the shifting winds in the data market. At Specificity, we get it. In fact, we saw it coming.

Tim Cook told the world that if Big Tech didn’t protect consumer privacy, Apple would. And they did with iOS 14.5. Android followed suit and the result was roughly 95% of consumers opted out of being tracked across apps. App tracking data disappeared almost overnight. It was predictable for those of us that have grown wary of Big Tech over the last decade as we watched social media giants steal our data and sell it to whomever wanted to buy it. The Adtech market reacted by scrambling to be the best at serving ads with limited data.

We said to hell with that— it's time for granular data but with the customer's privacy at the forefront.

We built a process by which we can narrowly define high-likely conversion audiences and focus our client’s ad spend where it impacts revenue much more efficiently. We did it by leveraging better technology, assembling a team of data-minded marketers and frankly, by not being data lazy and complacent.

The current technology advantage isn’t what defines us, still. What defines us is the never ending pursuit of technologies that simply kick ass for our clients. Sometimes we take the pole position in the race for new technologies while other times we see the gap to infuse a combination of old and new but at the end of the day, we do what needs to be done to drive results and data and analytics drive that understanding; not some 1950’s ad agency “gut instinct.” What is that anyway?

Meet Our Team

Jason Wood

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Kevin Frisbie

Chief Revenue Officer, CRO

William Anderson

Chief Operating Officer, COO

John Ward

Vice President of Sales


Mary Steele

Creative Director


Brittany Crawford

Director of Account Management
& Client Success


Mitch Frisbie

Director of Digital Strategy


Rene Caldwell

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Shelby DeCarlo

Account Manager


Mukta Nandanwar

Director of AdOps

Jonathan Brown

Client Growth Manager