Case Studies

Solar Case Study

Social Engagement

  • CTR above industry standard
  • Saw large increase in impressions and reach, this typically drops the CTR at first until saturation

Website Traffic

  • New users up 33.1% compared to the previous month
  • Bounce rate dropped showing higher engagement from the audience targeted

Campaign Performance

  • Steady impressions over the course of the month
  • Drove 84 leads in one month

Woodhouse Spa Case Study

Woodhouse started marketing with us in August of 2018. They were challenged with bringing in spa guests to their new location in the waterfront district of St. Pete. Woodhouse is part of a franchise model built on signature services and luxury.

By the end of 2018 they were seeing an ROI of 405%. The highest ROI they have seen was 1,368%

On average we drive 32% of their physical spa visits

We have increased their site traffic by 5.57 times.

By driving relevant traffic to their website, we have dropped their bounce rate by 50% and increased their ad click-through rate by an average of 2.76%