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Stop relying on ad tech's targeting and make the smarter choice with real strategy and cutting-edge tech.

With Audience First, we deliver the granular selects illuminating the highest likely conversion audience you’ll find anywhere. Utilize our experts in the field to create data driven audience buildout and learn the process of building and acquiring an actual addressable audience. Audience First adds more value to every dollar you spend marketing.

Key Features:

Contextual Data Layering

  • Transition personas into usable data points
  • Arrive at addressable audiences

Engagement Metrics

  • Audience reaction drives campaign decisions
  • Informs creative/content on successful/unsuccessful directions

Physical Conversion Tracking

  • Footfall Attribution Reporting
  • Location and demographic analysis of foot traffic
  • Tracks source of marketing leading to visit

Digital Conversion Tracking

  • Website attribution report
  • Custom event tracking on website
  • Append conversions to audience segments to determine which are converting at higher rates

Real-Time Optimization

  • Message and creative testing and optimization
  • Channel optimization to determine highest conversion channels
  • Audience optimization identifies details of core conversion target

Where Ads Served

  • Social (not organic), display, native, in app display, OTT, mobile/desktop/tablet
  • Static and video ads

Focus Ad Spend

  • Contextual Data layering arrives at narrowly defined audience
  • Suppress everyone who doesn’t meet ideal criteria
  • Leverages analytics to drive spend into higher performing segments

Location Targeting

  • Real time polygon targeting (much more granular and detailed than geo-fencing)
  • Historical physical visit polygon targeting (pulling devices visiting certain locations in the past 12 months)
  • Test location put thru to pinpoint high conversion locations to target
  • Allows location (think trade show/conferences) to illuminate high value audience for pre event, real-time during event and post event follow up. Can be used on virtually any location and/or event

Criteria Targeting

  • Transitions persona generalities into usable data points and identifies selects core to understanding conversion audiences
  • Used to creatively arrive at very challenging audiences to identify and make addressable
  • Criteria based audience can be set up to test individual audience details

Search Targeting

  • Online search behavior (think keyword/key phrases)
  • Targets people engaging with websites containing relevant content to your business or product category
  • Pulls devices based on search terms and provides opportunity for ongoing messaging vs static link display juxtapose 10 competitors


  • Reengage users that have visited your site
  • Segmented out based on where journey ended
  • Great for frequency or return purchase campaigns

Website Design

  • Full or partial website rebuilds
  • Click through funnels
  • Message and creative segmentation

Creative and Graphic Design

  • Creation of engaging graphics that encapsulates your business AND your brand
  • Segmented graphics and messaging to drive relevant messaging to different audiences

Audience First delivers a turn-key solution for the creation and deployment of campaigns that outperform their rivals in the field.  By using Audience First’s segmentation technology, building creatives suited for your company becomes smarter by driving audience and offering mirrored messaging.

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