Not everything can be sold through e-commerce. Services are a perfect example.

Selling products is best done by clearly showing the contrast between you and the competition, highlighting the reason why your product is different.

Specificity accomplishes this strategy for service-based businesses.


Whether it be for law firms, PEO companies, med spas, financial planning, your marketing must deliver confidence. When you sell a service, what you’re really selling is a result. A legal outcome, a degree, or a feeling of good health are all purchased in very different ways than products.

If you fully understand why people are in the market to acquire a service, you can begin to understand the audience most likely to buy.

Every other marketing firm fails to transform that understanding into usable data that pinpoints who will buy, how they will buy, and when they will buy. We also analyze data from your previous campaigns and customers to hit the ground running, helping you stand out to your audience.

Our technology, our experience, and our team dedicated to you and your brand gives you a competitive edge no one else is capable of matching. Today’s Big Tech and Adtech platforms simply cannot identify these audiences with the kind of specificity (pun intended) that we can.

Key Features:


Contextual Data Layering

  • Transition personas into usable data points
  • Arrive at addressable audiences

Metric Tracking

  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Put-thru
  • Lead generation

Wide Range of Ad Locations

  • Social, Display, In app display, mobile/desktop, OTT
  • Statics and Video ads

Parameter Optimization

Focus ad spend on narrowly defined parameters


Real Time Changes

  • Optimize in real time to make campaigns smarter based on audience response
    • Message optimization
    • Channel optimization
    • Creative optimization
    • Conversion optimization

Targeting Comparison for an Auto Repair Shop


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