Make your spend at an industry expo or conference count!

Companies pay insane amounts of money to attend or exhibit at industry specific conferences because they draw their ideal prospects and nothing beats face to face engagement. The problem being, you don’t get to talk to everyone in those couple days, and if you do you capture their email and we know how effective email marketing is these days. With Event Blueprint you can!

You can customize your messaging for pre-show, during the show and post-show audiences.


Track different metrics

  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Put-thru
  • Lead generation

Serve ads anywhere your audience goes in the digital realm

  • Social, Display, In app display, mobile/desktop, OTT
  • Statics and Video ads

Optimize in real time to make campaigns smarter based on audience response

  • Message optimization
  • Channel optimization
  • Creative optimization
  • Conversion optimization

We create a destination conversion audience based off the show floor mapping to track exactly how many people we drove to your booth through our marketing efforts, outside of tracking the engagement and leads from the online channels.

We can target three different ways for a conference/expo event:

Past Attendees

If the last conference was within a calendar year, we can pull last year’s attendees and get your brand in front of them before they even get to this year’s show

Real Time Targeting

We can target the attendees in real-time while they are at the event, letting them know where to find you and why they should come visit your booth

Continued Messaging

We can pull all those attendees and market to them for the next 12 months if needed. You will be able to continue your messaging to the right people and get them to convert.

Targeting Comparison for an Industry-Specific Conference/Expo

Event Blueprint

Event Blueprint gets you in front of the right people in your industry, through specific event targeting. Schedule a call today to learn how! We promise it’ll be worth the 20 minutes.

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