There are two distinct Medical Industry categories: selling medical/healthcare products and services for the industry (to consumers) and selling these products to the industry (B2B).

Selling to the healthcare industry


Healthcare is just different.
We get it.

One of the first campaigns we had was for a company supplying nursing homes with negative pressure wound therapy products. Since then, we’ve worked throughout the healthcare world and learned the inner workings of healthcare businesses, including hospital groups, doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities, and just about every other business delivering healthcare to consumers.

Marketing is much more than who will make the final decision. Many decisionmakers are practitioners who must spend the bulk of their time with patients, requiring others to gather information about products they need. If you can’t identify the timing of purchase and who vets the purchases, the opportunity will be too far down the conversion funnel to give your company any traction.

That’s why you need Specificity. Our data capabilities identify decisionmakers when they are in the info-gathering stage, influencing their choices. It’s the smarter approach that takes advantage of our top-of-the-line technology and marries smart, relevant messaging to a granular understanding of the decision flow.

Selling for the healthcare industry


HIPPA makes audience identification difficult due to its nature.

Selling these kinds of products to consumers requires data you cannot find in Adtech. Maintaining a level of consumer privacy is paramount to ethical marketing. However, Specificity maintains the ability to be precise while never using personally identifiable information. Consumer privacy is central in our approach that delivers hyper relevant messaging to consumers.

Targeting family members of the elderly for nursing homes is important for success in our marketing strategy, but we don’t need to know why a person needs this level of care to know their family needs a solution. The volatility of the data market has deeply wounded Adtech’s capability to do contextual data layering in the audience buildout. The entire industry requires our approach to deploy digital campaigns that protect consumers while driving incredibly robust RIO from the ad spend.

Key Features:


Contextual Data Layering

  • Transition personas into usable data points
  • Arrive at addressable audiences

Metric Tracking

  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Put-thru
  • Lead generation

Wide Range of Ad Locations

  • Social, Display, In app display, mobile/desktop, OTT
  • Statics and Video ads

Parameter Optimization

Focus ad spend on narrowly defined parameters


Real Time Changes

  • Optimize in real time to make campaigns smarter based on audience response
    • Message optimization
    • Channel optimization
    • Creative optimization
    • Conversion optimization

Targeting Comparison for a Plastic Surgeon


Every campaign we create is unique to you and your company. To better understand how Specificity can build an approach for your company, schedule a brief meeting with one of our team members. Unlock better results by choosing the better strategy: us.

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