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We solve major digital marketing challenges that waste money.


Get more juice for the squeeze!

Demand more for your Demand Gen Dollars.


Much Smarter Ad Sequencing

Far Better Audience ID tech

Superior AI integration

Traffic Resolution

Better Saturation

Cheaper media for saturation and enriched media for conversion.

Better audience data drives smarter analytics.

Our core mission surrounds building audiences that deliver far better results.

By using accurate data that details the audience segments you are engaging, you become better positioned to deliver tailored messaging, offers and creative. Eliminating generalities in your data approach makes the testing and the resulting analytics more impactful and the optimization paths become clearly defined.

Resolve traffic with ads served to addressable audiences.


We're different where it matters.

AdTech platforms seek to monetize technology. We leverage it directly on your behalf. We have the ability to show you which targeting selects don't stop at engagement, but continue to conversion.


Our technology identifies the right people, engages them with messaging, and drives action by using well-placed call to actions to convert them. Our technology makes us the sharp end of the sword.

Problem: Bot Traffic
Problem: Bot Traffic
Problem: Ad Waste
Problem: Ad Waste
Problem: Cookie Deprecation
Problem: Cookie Deprecation
Problem: Audience Identification
Problem: Data Accuracy for Audience Identification
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identify. engage. convert.

It's more than just a tag line. It's the stark contrast of what makes Specificity different from other marketing agencies.



Even when Big Tech and DSPs offer the right boxes to click, often the data is sloppy and inaccurate; not to mention bot traffic, etc… Audience is everything but Big Tech doesn’t go far enough.

location, demographics, psychographics, etc.

Cross Device Targeting
Location Based Audiences
Search Based Audiences


By understanding the unique interests, preferences, and challenges of the audience, a successful engagement strategy involves creating compelling narratives and experiences that resonate with them. This dynamic interaction not only captures attention but also cultivates a sense of connection and relevance, building a lasting relationship that goes beyond mere observation to foster active participation and interest in your brand, product, or message.


saturation levels

Saturation levels


Channel success


Cross Device Engagement
with Bitos and MAIDs





Converting a target audience involves strategically tailoring your messaging and offerings to resonate with their needs, desires, and pain points, ultimately guiding them through a seamless journey that transitions interest into action. This process often incorporates persuasive communication, compelling calls-to-action, and personalized experiences to foster trust and satisfaction, transforming potential customers into committed patrons of your brand or product.

Tracking Engagement
vs Conversion


Conversion modeling


Traffic Resolution


Granular On Website Event Tracking


Footfall Attribution Reporting

Enriched AI is the only smart play.

With this acquisition, using diluted big tech and big social data for AI optimization only allows you to arrive at really dumb conclusions quickly. To arrive at smarter conclusions you have to start with better audience ID data.

That is Enriched AI.

Automate repetitive tasks and never leave a lead untouched. Eliminate manual burdens, letting reps focus purely on closing deals.

Ability to create a library of content and have AI do all of your posting analyze engagement, create content, the whole nine yards.



We are partnered with one of the industry leaders for data, to pair smart targeted audiences with AI learning to drive conversions.

What Our Clients Say

Rhonda Brooks
Rhonda Brooks
February 28, 2023
I have been working with Specificity for several years and they are very easy to work with and responsive to requests.
Brett Pitzulo
Brett Pitzulo
February 24, 2023
Specificity does a great job working with their clients. They are very helpful and respond to posting things on the website very quickly. I am very happy with their service and would recommend anyone to use them.
Jordan Cobb
Jordan Cobb
February 24, 2023
We have had a great experience working with Specificity and our campaigns are showing a positive ROI which no other company was able to do. Highly recommend!
Jeff Shirley
Jeff Shirley
February 23, 2023
Specificity Delivers! They have helped many of our clients increase revenue through their various targeting capabilities. Specificity is a "must have" Digital Marketing resource to help you exceed your goals.
Will Oddis
Will Oddis
February 22, 2023
I thoroughly trust Jason and his team when it comes to my marketing needs. We have been working together for over a decade and during that time Jason has always done well for my business. He has been a significant voice in helping guide me down the right road. If you are willing to commit to his company and the processes that are involved you will achieve significant results. I can’t speak highly enough of Jason and his company.
Larry Taman
Larry Taman
February 22, 2023
There is simply nothing else out there like Specificity! They are a digital marketer who helps any marketer from the largest brands to small businesses deliver marketing messages in a way that is most efficient and compelling. And here's the most interesting part, since the IOS update (followed by Android) that protects consumer privacy, I have not seen any digital marketer that comes close to doing what Specificity can do. If you are spending money on digital marketing and you are NOT using Specificity, you are falling behind and/or losing money.
tara brammer
tara brammer
January 7, 2022


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