Transform Wasted Ad Spend into Profitable Conversions

Maximize Your Campaign Success

In the dynamic world of online advertising, the success of your campaigns hinges on precision and efficiency. At Specificity, we understand the critical role that accurate data paired with the right placements play in determining your campaign's success.

The Hidden Culprit: Ad Waste

Ad waste can be a silent campaign killer, eroding your budget without delivering tangible results. Picture this: bad data, bad placements and duplicated one-page exposures stealthily burning through your spend, leaving you with nothing to show for it.

Specious ad placement is not the only way you are wasting ad spend.

  • Targeting the wrong audience, or using bad data you trust from BigTech and BigSocial
  • Campaign not set up for message sequencing
  • Over or under saturating the audience
  • Campaign pacing not set up to drive conversions
  • Being married to one channel for ad serving

$22 Billion

Of the $88 billion spent on open web programmatic ads, $22 billion is wasteful or unproductive, a study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) found.


Almost 56% of all online ads are never seen by a human

1/3 of Spend

One out of every 3 dollars spent by advertisers is wasted ad spent


Non-viewable and IVT impressions as well as non-measurable for viewability and Made for Advertising ad spend" account for 35 percent of the ad dollar.

Why Choose Specificity?

We Start with the Right Data:
We build our audiences outside of AdTech to ensure the data is accurate, and are real people– not bots!

Eliminate Duplicates:
Our advanced programmatic serving identifies and eliminates duplicated one-page exposures, saving your budget for meaningful engagements.

Strategic Placement Optimization:
We meticulously analyze and optimize your ad placements to ensure that every click is a step closer to your campaign goals.

Results-Driven Approach:
Experience campaigns that not only preserve your budget but also drive tangible results. Say goodbye to wasted clicks and hello to a more impactful advertising strategy.

Your Success, Our Priority

Partner with Specificity and let's transform your campaigns by minimizing ad waste. Don't let your budget vanish into thin air – choose precision, choose success.

Ready to make every click count? Contact us now and revolutionize your advertising strategy today.