Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why Companies Are Switching To Specificity

We're Different Where It Matters!

AdTech platforms seek to monetize technology. We leverage it directly on your behalf. We have the ability to show you the targeting selections that don't stop at engagement, but continue through conversion, and are now impossible to target on all ad platforms.

Our Proprietary Technology

Our technology identifies the right people, engages them with messaging, and drives action by using well-placed call to actions to convert them. Our technology makes us the sharp end of the sword.

Over THREE Billion Data Points

We have over 3 billion data points available to arrive at your most likely buyer! Then track responders and make smarter decisions with full analytic and attribution reports.

Device ID Extraction

We can target people based on their location visit history. This makes it ideal to pull customers who have visited your competitors, or those attending an event that makes them the right buyer for your product or service, such as a conference or expo.

Audience Generation

We can convert mobile IDs to home addresses for direct mail campaigns, CRM data appends, and matching, OR convert home addresses to mobile IDs for targeted digital campaigns and analytics.

Location Analysis

Our reports contain an aggregate audience view that includes audience visits by day of week, time of day, and the audience's demographic profile.

Search Based Targeting

We can target people by pulling their Device ID based on their search history, buying habits and online behavior!

Audience First Service

With Audience First, we deliver the granular audience selections illuminating the highest likely conversion audience you’ll find anywhere.

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Complimentary Audience Selection Assessment & Intro To Specificity

Your Current Marketing Strategy

By understanding what you're currently doing, we can offer guidance and advice that is guaranteed to improve performance so you can cut ad waste significantly.

Your Fastest Path To Higher ROI

It could be with hyper-targeted audience selections, new demographics, customer purchase behavior, product placement, service add-ons, etc.

Our Proprietary Technology

This technology has made it possible to layer multi-targeting options that help locate potential customers with the highest intent-to-buy ranking scores.

Impossible-To-Find Targeting Options

Big tech removed over 300,000 targeting selections that we can put right back into your marketing campaigns.

Our Step-by-Step Targeting Strategy

We'll break down exactly what to do so you can reduce your CPA and consistently increase monthly revenue.

How To Discover Brand New Market Segments

During our time together, we'll illuminate untapped markets that will lead to new customers in the next 14 days.

Let's Create a "Win-Win-Win" Situation


This is a No-Pressure Meeting

There's no need to apply pressure on this call because you're probably already feeling it from the unsatisfactory results of your team's marketing efforts, and if things don't turn around for you, someone is going to get fired. Schedule today, and don't that person be you.

You're Getting a Unique Strategy Nobody Else Is Using

We know that nobody else is using this strategy because it's our proprietary technology that leads the way. We're here to show you how to improve performance at rapid speed so you can focus on what matters most.

We're Okay If You Say "No"

That's weird to hear, right? But, all we care about is helping you see the fastest way to cut ad waste, creating predictable customer acquisition systems, and scaling while staying profitable. If you say "no" to that, then that says more about you than us.

You're signing up for a complimentary marketing strategy consultation. You do not have to make a decision on the call.