Brittany Crawford

Director of Client Success

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"The best messaging and marketing strategies in the world fail when they’re delivered to the wrong audience."

- Jason A. Wood

About Brittany

Brittany came to Specificity with a wide range of experience in team leadership, from restaurant management to delegating tasks within a corporate pharmaceutical quality-assurance department and the FDA. She studied Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University, where she was a member of the Cultural Diversity Committee and Student Ambassador to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. Brittany feels that her experience there was invaluable, since the lessons she learned translate well to managing a diverse, multi-generational staff like Specificity’s and also translates to her ability to connect with any client to help diagnose their needs to drive their campaign's success.

Brittany has been with Specificity through many iterations of tech which gives her a full view on how customers interact with marketing and tech, and the understanding that it is every changing. Her chemistry background gives her the ability to look at campaigns with a science and analytic granularity.

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