Newsfile: “Specificity Inc. Acquires livePRO: A Strategic Move to Revolutionize Real-Time Customer Interaction”

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Ready, Fire, Aim!

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Protected: Lessons Learned

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Jason A. Wood Special Guest on DFY Podcast: Marketer of the Day

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Specificity Partners with livePRO to help Revolutionize Home Services Industry

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Nasdaq -“Specificity Announces $5M Capital Raise in Partnership with Qubit Capital”

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Specificity Unveils Put-Thru: A Game-Changing Solution for SMB’s to Combat Ad Fraud and Boost ROI

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Exposing Meta’s Fake Lead Traffic: A Wake-Up Call for Marketers

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Jason A. Wood Special Guest on The Scaling Edge Podcast

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The Kansas City Star -“Specificity Strengthens Client Services with the Appointment of Account Management Expert Shelby DeCarlo”

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Jason A. Wood Special Guest on Shrimp Tank Podcast

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MarketWatch -“Specificity Continues its Dominance in Solving Marketwide Challenges by Adding Partnership with Delivr”

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Morningstar -“Specificity Welcomes AdOps Expert Mukta Nandanwar to Spearhead Enhanced Optimization of Digital Campaigns”

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The News & Observer -“Specificity Hires 30-Year Sales Industry Executive John Ward to Lead Sales Team”

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Digital Niche Agency Episode #137 “Scale in similar communities to obtain a greater ROI” W/ Jason Wood

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